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Global Cards - 2013

Private Equity Firms to Buy Nets

Proxama/Cryptomathic Host Card Emulation

PowaTag Mobile Commerce

Software for Payment Card Acquirers

Elavon Loyalty for SMBS

Tech Mahindra Mobile Products/Services

M&A and Corporate Financing - Feb. 2014

SmartDisplayer’s iCard4 SmartCard

Fed Appeals Court Favors Issuers

AID Deals for Debit Networks

Ingenico/Samsung Global Mobile Partners

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Market Shares of Purchase Transactions Worldwide 2013

Payment Industry Acquisitions & Investments - February 2014

Global Cards in Circulation Credit & Debit 2013

Global General Purpose Cards 2013 vs. 2012

Purchase Volume by Card Type

Purchase Transactions on Global Cards 2013

Global Debit & Prepaid Cards

Global Credit Cards

Purchase Volume by Card Type

Purchase volume (spending at merchants) for 2013 is compared to 2012 for American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, and Visa.

1. UnionPay Debit
$3.521 Trillion
2. Visa Credit
$3.129 Trillion
3. Visa Debit
$3.031 Trillion
4. MasterCard Credit
$2.081 Trillion

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Powa Technologies has received more than $98 million, mostly from institutional investors, to support its digital commerce platform, which aims to link merchants directly to consumers by way of smartphones. The company is doing something no other vendor has yet attempted — present offers to consumers using QR codes, JavaScript, audio and visual watermarks, and Bluetooth Low Energy. All of these triggers will be enabled by the PowaTag app, which currently supports Android, iOS, and Nokia operating systems.

Consumers will download the PowaTag app and register their credit or debit card account details (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and local market card brands) and shipping address with the company. They can then make purchases inside stores, at websites, from magazines and print ads, and from radio, television, and online ads.

Powa has signed 280 multinational and national retailers to support the rollout of PowaTag. Those merchants are interested in testing PowaTag’s ability to generate new business from multiple triggers over multiple media channels. Powa’s platform will collect data from these different mediums to enable merchants to judge what is most successful. 

Powa will charge merchants 0.1% of all sales. It will automatically populate all payment and shipping fields at a merchant’s checkout page when a PowaTag cardholder is making a purchase. 

PowaTag will roll out in multiple markets over the next six months in order to be in place for the year-end holiday season. Individual brands working with PowaTag will produce their own marketing campaigns. 

Powa has sales offices in London, New York, Singapore, Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, and Beijing. 

Dan Wagner is CEO at Powa Technologies Limited in London, 44 (203) 440-6100,,

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