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Top Card Issuers in Asia-Pacific

PayItSimple USA Installment Payments

Rabobank Mobile Wallet

Carrier Biller Boku Expands

Visa Europe Card-Linked Offers

TransFirst Acquired by Private Equity Firm

Heartland’s “Out of Scope” Acquiring

Gemalto Offers Global TSM Service

Leather Wallet for iPhone 6

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Top Issuers in Asia-Pacific - 2013

Top Debit Card Issuers in Asia-Pacific - 2013

Top Credit Card Issuers in Asia-Pacific - 2013

Top General Purpose/Visa/MasterCard Card Issuers in Asia-Pacific - 2013

Top Credit Card Issuers in Asia-Pacific - 2013

The 50 largest credit card issuers for the Asia-Pacific region are led by China's top banks. Issuers from Japan, South Korea, and Australia are also heavily represented.

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China:
$295.68 bil. Purchase Volume
2. China Construction Bank:
$210.17 bil. Purchase Volume
3. Bank of China:
$159.80 bil. Purchase Volume
4. China Merchants Bank:
$148.22 bil. Purchase Volume
5. Agricultural Bank of China:
$126.56 bil. Purchase Volume

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Visa Europe will facilitate card-linked offers between consumers, merchants, and card issuers using back-office technology, data analysis, and mining from EDO Interactive. Within 36 months the partners expect to support card-linked offers in 12 countries. By that time EDO will have 95 employees in Europe.

Visa Europe will launch with one client in the U.K. in the fourth quarter of this year. EDO will replicate in Europe most of what it does in the U.S., including linking servers to Visa Europe’s network, but there will be a significant difference. In the U.S., EDO signs both the issuers and the merchants. In Europe, Visa Europe will handle both of those jobs. Essentially, EDO is providing its platform to Visa Europe on an SaaS basis, earning revenue mostly on redemption performance.

Cards issued by financial institution members of Visa Europe generate over 15% of all personal consumption expenditures in Europe measured against all other payment cards, cash, and checks. Visa card purchase volume at the point of sale grew last year by 9.2% to $1.860 trillion. That was twice the purchase volume of MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club combined.

Crispin Rogers is Director, Targeted Marketing Solutions at Visa Europe in London, U.K., 44 (207) 937-8111,,

The EDO platform, which includes a pool of more than 40 million credit and debit cards in the U.S., will be offered on an exclusive basis in Europe by Visa Europe, whose member banks in 37 countries have issued approximately 500 million payment cards. 

EDO operates on the Visa and MasterCard networks in the U.S. Of the top 10 U.S. bank card issuers, 6 use its service. They can give their cardholders access to offers from 1,000 retailers. 

Merchants want to find new customers and connect to the EDO platform where they use advertising funds to subsidize discounts in the 20% range to targeted prospects. 

EDO’s data analytics engine enables merchants to target cardholders who fit the profile they seek based on their prior spending. With the right offer, those cardholders tend to generate larger than average purchase amounts.  In large part because EDO’s platform generates offers that are relevant.

Part of the merchant’s advertising funds are used by EDO for marketing support. Merchants can receive help with product selection, budgets, and goals, as well as choice of artwork and other marketing materials. When a campaign is in progress, EDO tracks its performance, which lets merchants modify their offers. 

EDO offers are connected directly to a consumer’s credit or debit card. Consumers receive offers online or through mobile apps. There are no paper or mobile coupons to redeem to receive the discount. EDO’s platform can also send a thank you email or text on behalf of an issuer.

Ed Braswell is CEO at EDO in Nashville, Tennessee, (615) 297-6080 x110,,

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