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Cards in the Middle East and Africa 

U.S. Visa & MasterCard Credit Cards - Midyear

Europe’s Largest Card Issuers

Oberthur Acquires NagraID Security

Tipalti Mass Payment Platform

KICC Processing in Korea

Mobile Authentication for 3-D Secure

Top U.S. GP Credit Card Issuers at Midyear

FIS to Acquire Clear2Pay

Softcard Mobile Payments

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Middle East and Africa Brand Market Share and Top Brands

Top U.S. General Purpose Credit Card Issuers Midyear 2014

Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Middle East/Africa

Middle East/Africa General Purpose Cards 2013 vs. 2012

Credit Card Issuers in Europe 2013

Debit Card Issuers in Europe 2013

Top General Purpose/Visa/MasterCard Card Issuers in Europe 2013

Outstandings Midyear 2014 - Top U.S. Visa/MasterCard Credit Card Issuers

Volume Midyear 2014 - Top U.S. Visa/MasterCard Credit Card Issuers

Credit Card Issuers in Europe 2013

Europe's 50 largest credit card issuers are shown on page 8. Figures include the number of cards in circulation as well as purchase volume generated by those cards to purchase goods and services at merchants.

1. BPCE, France
Purchase Volume $108.25 bil.
2. HSBC, United Kingdom
Purchase Volume $46.40 bil.
3. Barclays, United Kingdom
Purchase Volume $44.60 bil.
4. CartaSi, Italy
Purchase Volume $39.83 bil.
5. Yapi Kredi Bankasi, Turkey
Purchase Volume $34.33 bil.

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Swisscard, the joint venture in Switzerland between American Express and Credit Suisse, has become the first credit card issuer to implement Entersekt’s Transakt security platform, which includes 3-D Secure, to protect card-not-present transactions. Currently, 3-D Secure implementations worldwide use a second level of authentication in the form of either a static password or a one-time-use password (token). Surveys indicate that shopping cart abandonment can exceed 50% on 3-D Secure transactions because the third party operators of 3-D Secure Web pages don’t create pages that look trustworthy, people don’t remember their static password, and people just don’t like taking the time needed to complete an extra step. 

Entersekt’s technology lets consumers authenticate purchases through their mobile phones with the touch of a button. Transactions on a 3-D Secure e-commerce website reach the card issuer who pushes messages including all payment details to its cardholder’s mobile phone. 

Cardholders authorize or decline the payment outside of the browser with an “Accept” or “Reject” tap response. Phone messages carry the corporate logo of the card issuer. Transakt works within the existing 3-D Secure infrastructure. Transakt is accredited by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 

Entersekt delivers its service through a server installed on-site at the card issuer. Transakt also requires a mobile application to be installed on cardholders’ phones. The issuer pays an annual fee for all cardholders it registers. No integration with merchants is required.

Most Transakt installations are in South Africa where banks use the service for a second authentication on mobile and online banking sessions. Entersekt expects to sign its first bank customers in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2014. 

Francois van Schoor is President, Global Business Development at Entersekt in Atlanta, Georgia, (404) 698-1001,,

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