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Canada Cards

Ingenico Group/Intel Partnership

Alternative Data Risk Score Test

NuData Security Ecommerce Fraud Fighting

Early Warning Services Acquires Authentify

Judo Platform for Mobile Payments

Second 50 U.S. Visa/MC Credit Card Issuers

Investments & Acquisitions - March 2015

Handpoint Chip & PIN Card Readers

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Canada Purchase Volume

Canada Market Shares of Purchase Transactions by Brand

Canada General Purpose Cards 2014 vs. 2013

Canada Purchase Volume in Canadian Dollars

Canada General Purpose Credit Card Issuers in 2014, Ranked by Outstandings

Canada Market Shares of Visa & MasterCard Outstandings

U.S. Second 50 Largest Visa & MasterCard Issuers 2014, Ranked by Outstandings

Canada Purchase Volume in Canadian Dollars

Canada's six largest payment card issuers are shown in a chart that identifies purchase volume (spending at merchants) in local currency from 2008 through 2014.

1. RBC Royal Bank
C$86 Bil.
2. TD Canada Trust
C$84 Bil.
C$48 Bil.
4. BMO
C$46 Bil.

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Intel and Ingenico Group will jointly develop a tablet device to be sold to Tier 1 merchants by manufacturers using Intel processors. It will integrate Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions (IDPT) with Ingenico Group EMV and NFC payment gateway capabilities. Sales will begin in 2016 and will be limited initially to the United States. The Ingenico chips and software kernel will provide access to all global payment card acceptance networks. 

The partners see opportunities for the tablets for in-store mobility functions including line busting and product demonstrations, which can include subsequent payment. Their memorandum of understanding includes work on payment integration for other connected devices including vending machines, kiosks, airplane seats, set-top boxes, digital signage, and more.

Ingenico Group independently demonstrated NFC payments linked to Internet-connected devices last month in Paris when passersby could make a charitable donation to the Institut Curie Research Centre by placing a contactless card over a 70-inch screen showing video about its research.

Michel Leger is Executive VP of Innovation at Ingenico Labs in Paris, France, 33 (1) 5801-8788,,

Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions was launched in October 2014. IDPT uses a combination of hardware authentication and end-to-end encryption to create secure data flows. It goes beyond PCI compliance for card account protection to include safeguarding personal identification information. Transaction data is routed from the payment device to the acquirer’s server, bypassing the POS platform and its operating system. Wincor Nixdorf, HP, NCR, and Panasonic have embraced it for both fixed and mobile devices. IDPT is a software download to a lockbox. It can also protect peripheral devices including scanners. 

More than 500,000 tablets with Intel processors were sold worldwide last year and that figure is expected to triple this year. Existing Intel customers selling tablets in the U.S. include Lenovo, Nextbook, HP, Apex, and Dell. 

The Ingenico partnership is the first of a series of actions Intel will take to incorporate payments into computer platforms. The company has created an internal payments team focused on architectural approaches for consumer devices, retail, and banking. The action was triggered by its assessment that the Internet of Things will require payments for a variety of platforms. 

Michelle Tinsley is Director, Mobility & Secure Payment Solutions, Internet of Things Group at Intel in Phoenix, Arizona, (480) 552-0011,,

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