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Cards in the Middle East and Africa

Global General Purpose Cards - Midyear 2015

Rewards/Loyalty Platform for Europe’s SMBs

Featurespace Machine Learning Fraud Fighting

Chase Freedom Mobile App

CashStar Private Label Prepaid

Mobile Payments in Austria

U.S. Commercial Cards - Part 3

PerformLine Marketing Compliance Platform

Zazoo Mobile Virtual Cards

Merchant Litigations Update

Charts in this Issue

Middle East/Africa Market Shares and Purchase Volume 2014

Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Middle East/Africa 2014 vs. 2019

Middle East/Africa General Purpose Cards 2014 vs. 2013

Purchase Volume on U.S. Cards in 2014

Purchase Transactions on Global General Purpose Cards Midyear 2015

Global General Purpose Cards Midyear 2015 vs. Midyear 2014

Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Middle East/Africa 2014 vs. 2019

Global general purpose card brands in the Middle East/Africa are ranked by transactions for purchases of goods and services in 2014.

1. Visa
2.05 bil. transactions
2. MasterCard
1.50 bil. transactions
3. American Express
0.05 bil. transactions
4. Diners Club
0.02 bil. transactions

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Chase Freedom is a cash back credit card product available since 2003 from the largest credit card issuer in the world. Cardholders earn 1% cash back from most card purchases and 5% in select merchant categories. They redeem their rewards via credits on monthly statements or as money deposited in their bank accounts. 

In 2009 Chase Freedom cardholders gained access to Chase Ultimate Rewards, a loyalty program open to all Chase credit and debit cardholders. Their cash back points could be redeemed for hotel, air, car rental reservations, and private label prepaid cards. 

This month Chase Freedom cardholders were given another redemption option — the Chase Freedom mobile app, which lets them use cash back points to pay for purchases at 30 participating merchants. Qualitative and quantitative research showed Chase that cardholders wanted to act spontaneously with their rewards.

While in the merchant’s store, cardholders open the app to check their cash back balance, select the merchant, and then trigger the app to generate a barcode or QR code, which clerks scan in the checkout lane. 

If the available cash back amount is insufficient to cover the entire purchase amount, the merchant’s POS system creates a split tender, and accepts payment by cash, check, or card to cover the balance. 

Merchants participating in the Chase Freedom Mobile app do not need to be customers of Chase Commerce Solutions, the 4th largest U.S. acquirer.  

Chase Freedom and all other credit card customers of Chase already have access to a mobile app that lets them pay their credit card bill, check account status, and view recent transactions and rewards balances. 

Chase Freedom Mobile is an app dedicated to payments. It has a second feature — person-to-person (P2P) money transfers. The P2P transactions are an extension of Chase’s existing Chase QuickPay service. 

Senders need only the recipient’s email address or phone number to initiate a transfer. Recipients do not need to be a Chase Freedom cardholder or a Chase deposit account customer. Chase is planning on additional features for the Freedom Mobile app. 

Adele Chandler is Freedom Marketing Director at Chase 

Card Services in Wilmington, Delaware, (302) 282-3667,,

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